Purity – Jake Mable

Do not laugh, child, do not laugh,

For you will be crying

In five minutes time.

And your tears

Shall salt this garden,

And no plants shall grow.


Will I kill what I touch…


Do not embrace, child, do not embrace,

For when you grasp,

You will crush the life

And suck it out with a kiss,

Like a leech,

Consuming all that you love.


Do not snatch my meal away…


Do not eat, child, do not eat,

For either it will not be enough,

And anger shall overcome you.

Or you will consume all.

Your stomach shall burst,

Murdered by a wilted infant.


I starve, let me reach, let me eat…


Be pure.

Be a white rose

Among cut red and wilted yellow.


Be pure.

Be an autoclaved culture flask,

With no contaminants inside.


Can I return, Mother?

Will I kill you if I do?


Be pure.

Be a disemboweled husk,

Waving its entrails, yelling:

“I am guiltless, I am strong!”


For purity is sterility.