My Dearest Dr. xxxx – Chelsea R. Grimmer

My Dearest Dr. xxxx,

Could you please provide a note of accommodation for me at work? I struggle to connect, to keep up, etc. It would look something like this:

EXHIBIT A — Sample doctor’s note when requesting accommodations (to be submitted to the Office of Workplace Diversity on the doctor’s letterhead)


To: Workplace Diversity Officer
Office of Workplace Diversity
Name of Business Here
Street Address
City, State ZIP Code

Re: R

I have been providing R with treatment for Lyme Disease since May 2011. Due to Lyme Disease, I recommend the following workplace accommodations:

  1. Canine Companionship
  2. Feline Companionship
  3. Aquatic Companionship
  4. Human Companionship

(These are just some samples—-please list anything else you think I will need/shouldn’t do.)*


(Your Signature)

Dr. xxxx

*Please be specific regarding lifting restrictions, hours at a desk, walking distances, stairs, etc.



My Dearest Dr. xxxxx xxxxxxx,

There is a warmest shade of brown
a coolest shade of white
a hardest I am healing. I am healing

Abandon the dust-smell
for faithful metal.

You know I hear him.
When waking, sand pools in the ears & there
is the message——crabs digging holes:

What does this mean?
How much more water?
The heat nears me nightly
& the bed-shape blackens.

Words bleached until clear
allows him to face the face, hardening
cornerstones & sight scratching
colder crab-holes.

In the morning he is gone
& I ask you again: why
won’t you say
what everything means?

He is shimmering
in the cartilage light & I think
I hear him but wake to hollow shells
washing in with the tide—-

But, I will get better. I really will get better.

He promises a new body, legible & clear;
receive the sand too sifting
to read, receive a warning about anatomy,
an explanation for anatomy:
cello, cello, cello.

How he plucks
from the wood & how you try
to prevent the molding of the rest
of the emptiness-dust &—-

Always try to get
better, always read
the sand for letters,
always find him
in the hollowest rocks,




I remember diving into browns and
the green of a stone

The weight of a fall leaf like sheaves
of business school, empathy mapping as

A way to learn

How to be the customer in order
to better sell to the customer

My customer a stone I fall into
what can you remove?

Difference between poet and psycho

Analyst: I loved.

Him was a verb I shifted up and out
poured a laboring sociality

Wondering how to sew closed
a leaf vein

Becoming beast is the sales pitch
queering offered

Analyst: I melancholied.

With him an object of entombment
my dog is a feeling bone I stroke